What's a Hayter, exactly? What does it do?


Flat out, our job is to enhance exposure to drive sales and affect opinions regarding our clients’ products, services and initiatives through any and all media. It’s equally important for our team to simplify the lives of the marketing departments, in-house PR teams and marketing partners who depend on us to manage their news and relationships with journalists in an efficient, low-maintenance and professional manner. Maintaining deep relationships with top-tier clients and media contacts is what we do.


Hayter Comm is in deep with the right editors, writers, broadcasters, stylists and influencers. Our connections are a rarity in the current speed-dating business world. The result is faster, better coverage for our clients and longer-term exposure.


Nothing speaks the truth like hands-on experience. We are extraordinarily accomplished at creating and managing special events whether it’s customer or media related. Do you want to host a dinner in New York or influencer party in Los Angeles? Take a group grizzly watching in Alaska or diving in Honduras? Float planes? Submarines? Done! We do all the planning and execution.


In a creative rut? We’ll unstick you. Social, copywriting, digital, video, stills, events, advertising, PR…we create desire and drive traffic and sales for regional start-ups to global heritage brands. Whether you need a slight adjustment or a complete overhaul, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.






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PHONE: (360) 313-7070 

SEATTLE HQ: 7805 Broadstone Place SW – Port Orchard, WA 98367

BOULDER:  2336 Canyon Blvd, Suite 100 – Boulder, CO 80302 7805

TAHOE:  150 Alpine Meadows Road – Alpine Meadows, CA 96145