A Visual Recap of Summer OR

Outdoor Retailer flew by this year, so much so that we had limited recollection upon returning to our workstations the following Monday. After browsing over the photos we found on the SONY a6000 that was toted around during the show and after-hours, memories of meetings and many friendly reunions started to surface. From our back-to-back meetings on the show floor to our Park City Dinner Crawl, we were so thankful to see the faces of so many of our favorite respected journalists and further the relationships between them and our brands. See below for a quick photo-recap! Thanks to Cascade Designs, Helly Hansen and Superfeet for having us out to promote their outstanding new products. 

Looking Back: The Lumberjack World Championships

Lumbersexuals far and wide were put to shame last week as the best ax wielders from across the globe assembled for the 57th annual Lumberjack World Championships in Hayward, Wisconsin. Competitors of all ages gathered in the small town's sacred proving grounds with hopes of leaving with a year's worth of bragging rights in their respective categories: chopping, sawing, pole climbing, log rolling or boom running. Live vicariously through their talents—and beards—in the following gallery [Photos by Jake Hanson].

Oh the Times We Had at Winter OR!

Oh the Times We Had at Winter OR!

Hayter Comm hustled the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market trade show floor this January touring over 60 journalists through four clients' booths to show them new product hitting stores in 2016. At Pendleton, journalists checked out stylishly designed outerwear cut from the finest materials—fleece, wool, and more, much of which harkened prints from the brand’s notable blankets. 

Looking Back: Finding the New Land with Helly Hansen Workwear

In July of 2015, Helly Hansen Workwear hosted four media representatives in Twillingate, Newfoundland – nicknamed the iceberg capital of the world and home to the Midnight Shadow, Cold Water Cowboy’s leading fishing crew. 

This 2.5-day press trip got off to a shining start with late flights and a group arrival at 2:30AM to Gander, NF, with one organizer – Elana Rabin of HayterComm – unfortunately left behind in Toronto. Missing rental cars along with rain and high winds during day one put Helly Hansen Workwear to the full test as the media met Midnight Shadow Captain, Richard Gillett. With Richard as the guide, our media friends explored the town’s Fish Fun Folk Festival as they were traditionally screeched in – kissing cods and all – and were treated to a home-cooked lobster feast at Richard’s home. On day two, the clouds parted, the seas settled and Elana found the group! By mid-morning the crew boarded the Midnight Shadow for a day of whale watching, cod jigging, sea-sickness, beer drinking, porpoise chasing, and at night, more beer drinking, flare shooting and singing. It was bittersweet leaving this tiny town after two sleep-deprived days of adventure on the far edge of North America. One thing everyone made a point to say is that they’ll be coming back, sooner rather than later.

Looking Back: Exploring PDX with SONY Action Cam

This past week, HayterComm had the pleasure of joining SONY Electronics and their team of Action Cam athletes for a casual product summit and team building getaway in the weird streets of Portland, OR. With a few select media representatives by our sides, we set off from the Vintage Hotel on a friendly yet competitive video scavenger hunt with a mission to capture Portland’s unique qualities while getting familiar with the 4k Action Cam. With multiple mounting options to choose from and various camera settings to test out, Sony’s video experts and experienced athletes showed us the ropes and gave everyone creative ideas for capturing POV footage, shooting various angles, and making the best of everyday situations that might not otherwise be viewed as “worthy” of filming. Tasks included everything from capturing “weird Portland moments” to proving the Action Cam was going faster than 25mph (not in a car), getting the cameras wet and also utilizing 3 different modes of transportation around the city. After running around for 4 hours and finally letting the editors put some speedy and magical touches on footage from each camera, the resulting videos from the four teams were voted on in terms of filming/editing quality and overall creativity. Those of us who had spent less hands-on time with the Action Cams didn’t quite know what to expect with such a quick turnaround, but upon watching each video, the entire room was floored (and in stitches laughing) at the outcome of the teams’ combined efforts. If you thought that POV-style cameras like the Action Cam were made only for those living the most extreme lifestyles, think again and get more creative!

Fresh from the Interbike Show Floor

Hayter Comm returned today from Interbike where nearly 25,000 representatives from bicycle manufacturers and retailers meet to talk everything that remotely relates to two-wheeled, human-powered transportation. One would think what possible advancements could be made on product that was invented hundreds of years ago. We’re always shocked to see the improvements in innovation and design. This year was no exception. The latest products look like ride-able art, the engineering is completely futuristic and the design makes cycling easier and more fun for a broader range of consumers. If you haven’t invested in a bike in a while, we highly recommend it. Even lower-end models are easier to maintain, are more comfortable and work better.

Hayter Comm was on site handling media appointments for uvex out of Germany, Sony, Outdoor Tech and Lumenus, a new brand out of LA that designs cycling and moto apparel embedded with LED lights that sync with a mobile app for safe, hands-free signaling and routing for commuters. The show was a success with uvex winning Best of Show recognition from Outside Magazine along with additional accolades from Men’s Journal, and Lumenus, Sony and ODT lining up multiple stories with industry and mainstream media outlets.

Vegas can be a drain on the mind and body but due to the response we received from our media contacts and experiencing first-hand the immediate impact on our clients, we’re leaving on a high note and are excited for more.

Pitstop: SONY San Diego HQ

Hayter Comm on-boarded with SONY this week with a visit to the electronics giant’s HQ in San Diego. The facility alone was stunning with its LEED-recognized energy efficient and environmental design. Matt Parnell, the communications lead for the Digital Imaging division – think Action Cams, mirrorless wonders like the a6000 and prosumer point-and-shoots like the all-new RX100 IV – walked us through 30 years of Sony’s advancements in the video market. Today, all of that cinema-quality technology fits into palm-sized cameras that shoot video and stills better than products that cost 10 times as much. It was fascinating to learn about Sony’s global dominance in the image sensor market, including multiple competitive brands and mobile phones that use Sony technology. When it comes to 4K performance, no other brand is more invested in the technology from the lens to the living room. SONY is in the driver’s seat in the photography and video worlds and it’s a privilege for Hayter Comm to be able to help spread the word. 

Looking Back: Helly Hansen Marine Stripes Sailing Trip

Helly Hansen hosted five media in Kingston, Ontario mid-August for an action-packed water adventure. It started with a 20-hr overnight sail from Toronto to Kingston on the O Canada, an open 60 class racing yacht, complete with clear skies, no moon and a meteor shower that we ordered up for everyone. From watching the sunrise over Lake Ontario to eating authentic freeze-dried food cooked up by the amazing crew, the experience was definitely one we’ll never forget.

Upon arrival in Kingston, the remaining days consisted of touring nearby Prince Edward County where we tasted local beer and cider, but unfortunately missed out on wine tasting at the vineyards due to the infamous dinner cruise we boarded that night; ambitiously kayaked the St. Lawrence River connecting the Kingston Mills and downtown Kingston, which we were told would take 1 – 1.5 hours but ended up being more like 3 – fun, though, and everyone survived; and competed in our first ever dingy boat races at the Yacht Club, which were a blast. From its college-town vibe with really cool pubs and restaurants to its deep roots in Canadian history that include Fort Henry, the city of Kingston is known to be the best freshwater sailing harbor in North America and we definitely took advantage of it!

Looking Back: Coleman Grill, Swill & Chill

While some may claim that "glamping" does not include overnight adventures where tents are used, we would argue that those folks have never slept on a double-high Durarest air mattress. Over the past weekend, a select group of 10 journalists joined us in Port Orchard, WA for the first ever Coleman Grill, Swill & Chill, a media event where all things Coleman were utilized in the field, on the water and throughout the trails of the beautiful Puget Sound region. When we weren’t camping in “mansion tents,” we were ATVing, fishing, SUPing, wakesurfing, doing yoga, cycling, riding on Safeboat, and grilling on Coleman's variety of portable camp stoves. Appearances were made by Sevylor SUP ambassador (and K2 pro skier) Andy Mahre as well as the infamous Captain Keith of Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch. Check out the photo recap below to get an idea of how the weekend went down.

Looking Back: O2X Winter Park w/ lululemon

One of our most recent media events brought us to Winter Park, CO, where a handful of select journalists were invited to participate in the 2nd stop of the annual O2X summit. Sponsored in part by HayterComm client, lululemon athletica, the O2X Summit was founded by former Navy seals with a mission to maximize human performance. With courses featuring brutally rugged terrain, racers are faced with an uphill battle of physical and mental endurance, where they must reach the summit via "off-trail" routes set ahead of time by O2X coordinators.  We're pleased to say that each journalist finished the race with huge smiles on their faces, and are looking forward to a chance to compete again next year! Check out the photo recap below.