Pitstop: SONY San Diego HQ

Hayter Comm on-boarded with SONY this week with a visit to the electronics giant’s HQ in San Diego. The facility alone was stunning with its LEED-recognized energy efficient and environmental design. Matt Parnell, the communications lead for the Digital Imaging division – think Action Cams, mirrorless wonders like the a6000 and prosumer point-and-shoots like the all-new RX100 IV – walked us through 30 years of Sony’s advancements in the video market. Today, all of that cinema-quality technology fits into palm-sized cameras that shoot video and stills better than products that cost 10 times as much. It was fascinating to learn about Sony’s global dominance in the image sensor market, including multiple competitive brands and mobile phones that use Sony technology. When it comes to 4K performance, no other brand is more invested in the technology from the lens to the living room. SONY is in the driver’s seat in the photography and video worlds and it’s a privilege for Hayter Comm to be able to help spread the word. 

Jake Hanson

Bogus Creative, 4213 26th Avenue West, Seattle, WA, 98199, United States