Looking Back: Exploring PDX with SONY Action Cam

This past week, HayterComm had the pleasure of joining SONY Electronics and their team of Action Cam athletes for a casual product summit and team building getaway in the weird streets of Portland, OR. With a few select media representatives by our sides, we set off from the Vintage Hotel on a friendly yet competitive video scavenger hunt with a mission to capture Portland’s unique qualities while getting familiar with the 4k Action Cam. With multiple mounting options to choose from and various camera settings to test out, Sony’s video experts and experienced athletes showed us the ropes and gave everyone creative ideas for capturing POV footage, shooting various angles, and making the best of everyday situations that might not otherwise be viewed as “worthy” of filming. Tasks included everything from capturing “weird Portland moments” to proving the Action Cam was going faster than 25mph (not in a car), getting the cameras wet and also utilizing 3 different modes of transportation around the city. After running around for 4 hours and finally letting the editors put some speedy and magical touches on footage from each camera, the resulting videos from the four teams were voted on in terms of filming/editing quality and overall creativity. Those of us who had spent less hands-on time with the Action Cams didn’t quite know what to expect with such a quick turnaround, but upon watching each video, the entire room was floored (and in stitches laughing) at the outcome of the teams’ combined efforts. If you thought that POV-style cameras like the Action Cam were made only for those living the most extreme lifestyles, think again and get more creative!

Jake Hanson

Bogus Creative, 4213 26th Avenue West, Seattle, WA, 98199, United States