As a product of the mountain wonderland called North Lake Tahoe, it’s no surprise that Jackie is an outdoor enthusiast to the core. From growing up on the slopes of Squaw Valley, to graduating with a degree in Journalism and a focus on public relations from the University of Nevada’s Reynolds School of Journalism, Jackie brings a fine-tuned mix of big mountain mindset and traditional PR smarts to the Hayter Comm team.

Prior to joining the Hayter Comm, Jackie fueled her passion for PR by contributing to a range of lifestyle brands, including Flip Flop Shops, Kari Gran skin care, Hard Rock Cafe, Rahlves’ Banzai tour and more. While media relations may be her bread and butter, she also has extensive experience with the planning and successful execution of both large and small-scale events, as well as the creation of strategic social media plans and content.

@JAXSTOESS // 206.557.1830