Snowshoeing Race Season Concludes with Record Wins for Team Atlas


Atlas Snow-Shoe Company Congratulates 2018 Snowshoe Race Athletes

SEATTLE, Wash. (March 21, 2017) – Snowshoe running is one of the most extreme endurance sports to take place during winter, and the athletes that crave the challenge of running 5 and 10k’s on snow at below-freezing temperatures have helped catapult this sport into a rapidly growing competition category. Seattle-based Atlas Snow-Shoe Company is inspired by the competitors that not only continue to push snowshoe racing forward, but also help bring awareness to new and exciting ways for people to enjoy the outdoors. 

 “It may sound extreme, but snowshoe runners have found an athletic passion that allows them to continue practicing their favorite sport year-round,” commented Jill Nazeer, Marketing Specialist for Atlas. “Atlas Snow-Shoe Company is beyond proud to support these athletes. They are inspiring individuals that help advocate for accessible winter sports.”

Atlas Snow-Shoe Company would like to congratulate the members of Team Atlas that pursued snowshoe racing this winter, with special gratitude and notoriety to the following:

  • Emily Renner
    • Snowshoe Nationals –  2nd place female
    • Beaver Creek 5k – Overall winner
    • Beaver Creek 5k – 1st place female
    • Sourdough 11.4 Miller – 1st place female
  • Cheryl Paulson
    • Eldora Nighthawks Run – 2nd place female
    • Susan G. Komen Snowshoe for a Cure – Overall winner
  • Brandy Erholtz
    • Beaver Creek 10k –  1st place (race 1)
  • Peter Fain
    • Frozen Gnome 10k – 1st place and Race Director
  • Geoffrey Roes
    • Sasquatch Scramble 5k – 1st place
  • Jake Felton
    • Snowshoe Scurry #2 10k – 2nd place overall
    • Powder Keg 10k – 3rd place overall
    • Snowshoe Scurry #5 5k – 2nd place overall

Team Atlas members raced and trained in the Run and Race snowshoes, providing the ultimate competitive edge in race conditions thanks to a low profile, lightweight design and precision fit that keeps athletes running faster and farther. For more information on Atlas Snow-Shoe Company, please visit:


Media Contact:

Jackie Stoesser, Hayter PR


K2 Alliance and SheJumps Invite Women to Hit the Slopes on International Women’s Ski Day

K2 International Women's Ski & Snowboard Day.png

K2 Skis is proud to be celebrating 20 years of women-specific ski and snowboard product design with its K2 Alliance, and what better way to rejoice than on the mountain for International Women’s Ski Day (IWSD). The K2 Alliance, in partnership with SheJumps, presents the fifth year running of this special event on Saturday, January 20, 2018. 

Women from all around the world are invited to get together to celebrate skiing, snowboarding, and the power of female camaraderie. Not a professional? The majority of us aren’t! Too young or too old? No such thing. Don’t ride with the K2 brand under your feet? We don’t care. Simply put, the K2 Alliance and SheJumps hope to encourage more friends, sisters, mothers and daughters to get on the slopes and enjoy the great outdoors whether on skis or a snowboard. 

For 20 years, the K2 Alliance has been at the forefront of the women’s movement in the outdoor sports industry, supporting the innovation of women’s products and female empowerment on and off the mountain. A group of R&D testers devote time to developing and testing the women’s product line. Regional Alliances assist territory reps at events and demos. The female athletes on the K2 Skis and K2 Snowboarding rosters endorse the products and serve as role models for women and girls around the globe. 

SheJumps strives to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities. SheJumps programs foster confidence, leadership, and connection to nature and community. Through outdoor education, high visibility women’s events, youth initiatives and grassroots recreational gatherings, SheJumps recognizes that we are not all professionals or in perfect shape, and empowers women and girls of all ages to get outside regardless of background or levels of athletic ability. 

To find an IWSD event near you or to create your own, visit

ABOUT K2 SKIS Bringing outdoor enthusiasts into a K2 State of Mind since 1962, K2’s unwavering passion for skiing is the driving force behind its award-winning product and innovations. With a design philosophy that embraces a specific design for every condition, K2’s collection of award-winning skis, boots, poles and helmets for men, women and children offers a complete solution for any type of skier and ability level. Whether at the resort, in the park or deep in the backcountry, K2 provides performance-driven, quality goods for the ultimate enjoyment in the great outdoors. For the latest information on K2 Skis including athletes and promotions, please visit

HEROCLIP Names Hayter Communications as PR Agency of Record

The outdoor industry’s most ingenious startup joins forces with leading outdoor PR agency

SEATTLE, Wash. (July 17, 2017) – HEROCLIP, the clip you can hook and hang anywhere, today announces Hayter Communications as their PR agency of record. HEROCLIP, an investor-backed startup that continues to disrupt growth expectations in the active lifestyle industry, is poised to successfully close a $750,000 round of seed equity funding that will help boost production from thousands of units per month to millions. Hayter Communications, one of North America’s most recognized active lifestyle communications agencies, will manage all editorial coverage and media relations opportunities throughout this exciting period of growth and beyond.

Inspired by her adventures training to summit Mt. Rainier, HEROCLIP Inventor and CEO Mina Yoo, Ph.D., designed HEROCLIP for everyday adventurers and active explorers that need an “extra hand” with their gear. The result is a simple 3-in-1 clip, swivel, and hook system, that allows users to be creative with hanging, clipping, and organizing gear of any sort, on any adventure. Originally launched as a Kickstarter campaign that raised $78K with 2000 backers, HEROCLIP sold 120,000 units with revenues well over $1 million over the past two and a half years. With two utility patents granted and two crowdfunding campaigns successfully completed, HEROCLIP is building a global brand with multiple product lines launching in early 2018.

“HEROCLIP is one of the most exciting startup stories I’ve seen in the outdoor industry, and Hayter Comm is proud to represent a company that is genuinely invested in creating a culture for their brand,” said Ryan Hayter, President of Hayter Communcations. “Not only is our team excited to help grow this startup in the editorial space, we’re excited to learn about and share Mina’s expertise as a professor of entrepreneurship.”

“It takes a village to build a brand, and HEROCLIP has evolved rapidly thanks to the support and inspiration of our crowd-funding supporters, investors, and agile team,” said Mina Yoo, Ph.D., inventor and CEO of HEROCLIP. “As a startup in the outdoor industry, we couldn’t be more excited to work with HayterComm, an agency that specializes in reaching and inspring our target audience – the everyday explorer."

HEROCLIP is the latest addition to Hayter Comm’s adventure brand lineup that includes K2 Sports (Line, Ride, Full Tilt, BCA, K2 skis, K2 Snowboards, K2 Skates), Helly Hansen, Danner, MSR, uvex, lululemon men, Therm-a-Rest, SealLine, Platypus, Wagner Custom and many others. Hayter Communications recently joined forces with Seattle-based marketing and communications firm, Williams-Helde, who together act as a full-service public relations, marketing communications, and creative agency.

For more information on HEROCLIP, please visit

Hayter Comm Acquired by Seattle’s Williams-Helde

SEATTLE (May 11, 2017) – Hayter Communications, one of North America’s most recognized active lifestyle public relations agencies, today was acquired by Williams-Helde, a Seattle-based marketing communications firm that has represented an abundance of the Pacific Northwest’s leading companies since 1969.

Founded in 2001, Hayter Comm will continue to operate autonomously while servicing its national client base of winter sports, outdoor recreation, tech, travel and fitness clients, and assisting multiple Williams-Helde clients with strategic development, earned media and event services. The agreement enables Hayter Comm to immediately provide video content, digital marketing, graphic design, brand development, and brand resuscitation to its growing client base.

“Hayter Comm is one of the most vibrant and well respected agencies in the Active Explorer space,” said Marc Williams, Williams-Helde CEO. “The Hayter team has a history of delivering significant regional and national results and a reputation for creating all-time media adventures and consumer events. Our clients will immediately benefit from their services and Hayter’s current client base will experience a significantly broader base of creative services from web development to digital campaigns.”

Ryan Hayter, agency founder, will continue to run the public relations division with his team operating out of offices in Seattle, Port Orchard and Gig Harbor, Wash.; Lake Tahoe, Calif.; and Boulder, Colo.

“Williams-Helde is an ideal personality fit for Hayter Comm and our clients,” Hayter said. “The agreement gives us access to technology and tracking tools, creative flexibility for our clients, and expansive bandwidth for rapid growth. We’ll maintain the agency’s character that has led to our success over nearly two decades, and now have superior back-end support as well as proven systems and services in place to simplify ROI for Williams-Helde and Hayter Comm clients. It’s a big win for all parties.”

Hayter Comm is the third branch of Williams-Helde that currently operates its long-standing Williams-Helde Marketing Communications business as well as Active Labs for start-ups.

Founded in 1969, Williams-Helde Marketing Communications is the oldest independent agency in Seattle. Through its focus on the Active Explorer, the agency creates surprising and insightful

connections between their clients and their customers. Through its Active Labs division, Williams-Helde provides the marketing fuel young startup companies need to thrive. The agency is a leader in promoting and educating businesses on conscious capitalism throughout the Pacific Northwest.


RIDE Snowboards Announces Reorganized Team to Maintain Awesomeness

RIDE Snowboards Announces Reorganized Team to Maintain Awesomeness

SEATTLE, WA (November 10, 2016) – RIDE Snowboards is pleased to announce the completion of its new global sales and marketing structure. Earlier this year, Jim Linnberg took over the roles of Global Brand Director and US Director of Sales for the RIDE brand. Jim brought with him a wealth of industry knowledge, hundreds of black t-shirts and an untamable mess of disgusting and unwashed beard hair. 

Line Skis Presents Tom Wallisch Pro Ski

Line Skis Presents Tom Wallisch Pro Ski

SEATTLE, WA (November 3, 2016) – Pursuing its mission to make skiing more funner again, LINE Skis is excited to announce the Tom Wallisch Pro Ski. Designed by the freestyle icon himself as a quiver-killing setup that’s meant to take a beating, the TW Pro is every skiers chance to ride like Tom.