MSR's Complete Guide to Water Treatment

SEATTLE, WA (December 10, 2016) – MSR (Mountain Safety Research) has released the “Complete Guide to Water Treatment,” an authoritative guide to the science and technology of clean, safe water in the backcountry. With varying standards, differing threats and a lack of reliable information, users are often dangerously left in the dark when it comes to water treatment. In this series of articles, experts from MSR’s water lab dive into the science of waterborne pathogens, the pros and cons of today’s treatment options, and which option is best suited for individual needs. We encourage you to take a look to bolster your own knowledge and that of your readers. 

The information presented in this series is founded in peer-reviewed science and communicated by the experts at the Mountain Safety Research water research lab.

Click here to read the guide!

Jake Hanson

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